Lambda Lab - How To Use Assignment Rubrics To Drive Learning Outcomes


While letter grades are great, using advanced grading methods like rubrics can support learner self-reflection and self-assessment while providing clear communication between the assessor and the learner.  

Join us for this 30-minute practical session where we take a deep dive into the Assignment activity to show you how to use the Assignment Marking Rubric to create clear expectations that help students engage in self-improvement while supporting standardization, clarity, and ease for graders.

This session can be seen as a second part to this month’s Master Class: How to Benefit From Meaningful Learning Assessments & Evaluations


In this 30-minute session, you will learn:

  • Learn about the Assignment activity submission types
  • Discover how to use the Assignment Marking Rubric to assist instructor evaluation
  • Learn how to build an environment of transparency by allowing students to preview the Marking Rubric before assignment submission.


About Lambda Lab:
Lambda Lab are designed for the doers. If you are an LMS Administrator, course creator, or if you just want to learn how to implement new features these webinars are for you. Each 30-minute session will offer a practical how-to on a topic related to either enhancing the functionality of your LMS, or improving your insights with Zoola Analytics.