Master Class: How To Benefit From Meaningful Learning Assessments & Evaluations


Education uses the 5-letter grading system because it is a metric of achievement that is easy to recognize and transfer.  We all know what it means to get an A in a course, and what it means to get an F.

In a world of lifelong learning, though, telling a prospective employer that you got an A in a course generally has less meaning than if you provide concrete language on the skills you gained and that can be applied on the job.

Thus, the eLearning world is seeing movement towards more meaningful assessment methods. Join us for a 30-minute Master Class with a focus on using Outcomes, Rubrics and Competencies as alternative ways of assessing your learners progress!

In this Master Class, you will learn how to:

  1. Illustrate the importance of using language-based assessment methods
  2. Be able to use Rubrics and Outcomes for language-based assessments in a course
  3. Be able to use competencies and evidence-based assessments


About Master Classes:
Online Master Classes are a variety of LMS related topics in Design, Features & Functions, and Tech Talk. Each master class will be designed for a specific audience such as course developers, LMS Administrators, and even organizational IT staff.