Master Class Series:
Motivating Mastery: Design eLearning That's Effective

Providing learning content and assessments on an LMS is just one part of creating effective learning. To lead your learners to mastery, you need to understand and address what motivates your learners, which means that you need to know your audience. You also need to be very clear about what you are trying to achieve with the online learning.

Join us as we kick off 2019 with a look at what motivates learners and how tapping into that motivation can lead them towards mastery. We’ll unpack current views on motivation and how this can lead to mastery learning. We’ll end with ways you can evaluate your current learning and offer suggestions on how to improve.  

This session is ideal for users who want to make their online learning more meaningful and effective. LMS Administrators, Course Creators and Teachers will benefit from learning how to evaluate and modify their current assets to improve learner motivation and mastery.


About Master Classes:
Online Master Classes are a variety of LMS related topics in Design, Features & Functions, and Tech Talk. Each master class will be designed for a specific audience such as course developers, LMS Administrators, and even organizational IT staff.