A Moodle LMS for You!

moodle talent learning management system

An Introduction to Moodle

Moodle is the worlds leading open source learning management system — with over 85 million users across the globe, it's not hard to see why. 

Here are some Moodle facts:

  • Moodle is 80% more cost effective than other open source LMS, and matches competitors in terms of feature and function.
  • Moodle has over 74,117 registered sites in over 200 countries.
  • A highly flexible LMS, Moodle allows users to conduct online courses, or support face-to-face learning or training classes. 
  • You can extend Moodle's features with over 500 available plugins for assignments, quizzes, grading, gamification, webinars, certification, and social and collaborative learning. 
  • Since it is an open source platform, Moodle benefits from a global community of developers who are actively engaged in improving the overall user experience. 
  • Moodle has extensive integration abiltiies - you can integrate the LMS into you online content repository, enterprise solutions for managing course registration, payment and enrolment, course schedules, training resources, compliance management, and student or employee records. 

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“Ultimately, the team chose Moodle over alternative solutions because the open-source LMS offered the ultimate flexibility and customization.”

Josh Allen, RN | CEO, Care and Compliance